[Download] Ryuuki Yuan

Ryuuki Yuan

My new s(eme)im :))))
Download and unzip the file below then copy and paste all the files into your Tray folder ([…]My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray]. Then download all the CC files i’ve listed and put it on the Mods folder.

 Thanks for all creators

+ Hair: @simblrryuffy x
+ Skintones: @he-ss x
+ Lipsticks @sclub-privee x @pralinesims x
+ Eyelashes: @kijiko-sims x
+ Eyebags: @sclub-privee x
+ Eyebrowns: @sclub-privee x
+ Blush: @pralinesims x
+ Sneaker: @all about style
In Game